Service Packages

Along with our regular farrier services, we have added 3 dynamic bundled service packages available to suit your horse’s needs (Economy, Essentials and Elite). These packages are a very cost effective consistent program for your horse that will save you time and money and will assist in keeping your horse healthy all year round.

A monthly fee is paid and each program includes several farrier services, supplements and products based on the program that is best for you and your horse. Please call or email us to schedule an appointment to meet in person to go over these packages in more detail.

Basic Health Assessment Report (included in service packages only)

Each time the farrier provides regular service they will complete a basic health assessment. The farrier will check for lameness, soreness, injuries, issues with movement, confirmation and the general overall wellbeing of the horse. The owner will receive an emailed report each time the horse receives an assessment. These will assist the owner as well as other health professionals in understanding the horse’s overall health over a period of time.


Borium to assist with extra traction is available upon request.

Corks (only available in our service packages)

A full set of screw-in or drive-in corks. Shoes can have 2 or 4 corks per shoe as per request.

DC First Aid Kit & Restock Service (restock only available with service packages)

Kits include: 2 rolls of vet wrap, duct tape, absorbent pads, a thermometer, scissors, zinc oxide cream, a leg wrap, wooden tongue depressors, a 10cc syringe, tweezers, gloves, antiseptic wound spray. First aid kits will be restocked as needed every quarter. (Est.value at: $140 each)

Emergency Call Service - Monthly Subscription (like AMA for horses)

Provided to our clients as needed and includes their entire herd up to eight calls per year. An emergency would consist of anything that requires immediate hoof reconstruction, repair and/or corrective shoeing. The farrier will attend to the issue within a 12 hour period for those within a 100km range and a 24 hour period for those in the 500km range. (Valued at: $225 per call)

*A horse requiring a shoe replacement or shoes in general is not considered an emergency and will not be subject to an emergency call out fee.

*Please note: As we now provide Emergency Call Services, occasionally a regular appointment may have to be rescheduled in order to accommodate for emergencies. On the rare occasion that this happens, it is our commitment to our clients to reschedule within 3 to 5 days.

Flat Fee Travel (per month)

Enjoy a flat fee service for those added kilometer travel charges outside the established service zones! A small flat rate of $25/month will avoid unwanted added costs per visit.

Regular travel fees beyond 30km of the city of Calgary limits is $0.60/km.

Front Shoes

Includes a full trim and steel front shoes. Depending on the needs of the horse and owner’s request shoes can include clips, rocker toe, roller toe, square toe, rims, EZ’s, eventers or toe and heel.

Full Set of Shoes

Includes a full trim and a full set of steel or aluminum shoes. Depending on the needs of the horse and owner’s request shoes can include clips, rocker toe, roller toe, square toe, rims, EZ’s eventers or toe and heel.

Standard Hot Shoeing

With DC Farrier Services, we offer standard hot shoeing for all horses under our care. This comes standard at no added charge. Cold shoeing is also available upon request.

Supplement & Product Supply & Delivery Service

We currently carry four main supplements:

Equinity – A 100% all natural formula of amino acids specifically designed to enhance the life of your horse, increase energy and endurance, strengthen bones, collagen and muscles and improve your horses natural immune system and vitality. Equinity’s Horse XL patented formula customizes itself to your horse’s needs by adding 1 to 2 scoops mixed with your horse’s food on a daily basis.

Human and pet versions of this product are also available. Ask us for more information.

Bioequine – Is a complete nutritional supplement containing 15 strains of probiotics that stimulate digestion, balanced vitamins and minerals, is a gut cleanser and natural wormer (less chemical deworming), helps prevent colic, promotes natural joint fluid production, aids in good hoof growth and a beautiful coat, calm, speed and endurance. It contains no fillers, sugars or artificial flavors and is one of the most cost effective and complete supplements we’ve come across!

Bioequine can also be given to dogs and cats although serving size differs. Ask us for more information.

Biotic 8 by Omega Alpha – Has 8 stains of probiotics with a carrier system to help healthy bacteria survive in stomach acid. It also contains three digestive enzymes to assist in better digestion and absorption of all the food your horse eats. Great for horses often suffering from gas, diarrhea, colic, hay belly, removing toxins, etc. On Biotic 8, horses will have a nicer coat, less digestive issues, better attitude and are usually more happy and willing. No fillers or artificial flavors.

Bioflex - BioFlex extra strength joint supplement enhances joint function in horses, dogs and cats. It contains four major joint supplements that work synergistically on the joint: Hyaluronic Acid (helps produce and restore joint fluid), MSM (an anti-inflammatory), Glucosamine (promotes the growth of cartilage) and Chondroitin (an important agent that helps repair cartilage damage). No fillers, sugars, or artificial flavors.

Other Products: All Omega Alpha Products including equine, pet and human supplements can be ordered and shipped or delivered to you.

We do supply other products, supplements and treats that can be purchased at our online store (Coming soon!). Orders can be shipped or delivered to you at the time of your next service.

Therapeutic/Corrective Shoeing

Therapeutic and/or corrective shoeing will be provided as needed. This includes conditions such as navicular, laminitis, founder, contracted heels, etc. Pads, wedges, packing, hoof filler, etc. are also available as needed.


Includes a standard trim with good rollover to provide easier movement. Corrections will be made based on the needs of the horse.